Friday, December 6, 2013

Funko Horror Classics Mystery Minis!

There is something so exhilarating and terrifying about not knowing exactly what you are going to get. From opening up a pack of trading cards to your friends setting you up on a blind date, those feelings are something we have all felt.

Today...I felt excited and scared.

For today, I purchased some Funko Horror Classics Mystery Minis!

I have been a fan of Funko for many, many years. I don't really collect their stuff as it's generally overpriced, too many exclusives, etc. But I love the concept of a blind box mini figure. I have known about these for awhile, but it wasn't until I was buying some movies at one of my favorite stores that they found me. I had to have them.

As a kid, you always say those quarter machines with toy displays at the grocery store or ToysRus where you see the toy you want, then you try your best to make sure that is the one you get. As I recall, it's a one in a million thing.

As per evidence of the above chart, my luck was to be a little bit better then that. But the numbers have lied to me before.
I bought six of them, so as to make it a little more fair.

A mystery box. It's almost too much...and then you open it!


It's almost too much excitement. But I couldn't stop there. I had to open it. Then I opened the rest! In very, very quick succession...

1. Captain Spaulding (2/24) - Not off to a bad start. If I had to say House of 1,000 Corpses is the only worthwhile movie Rob Zombie has ever done. But I love the look of this figure. It's delightful! Certainly not bad for a first pick.

2. Billy the Puppet (1/72) - Oh yeah. 1/72! On the second one! This one is even better looking then the last one. I am not the biggest Saw fan after 3, but I think Billy the Puppet is one of the better characters to have come out of horror in awhile. Certainly a good second item.

3. Jason (2/24) - My favorite horror slasher. I cannot tell you how great this little guy looks. The eyes, the perfectness of the mask, the zombie-like flesh. OH DEAR LORD, this thing is fantastic. There is not a single thing wrong with this mini slasher.

4. Jason (2/24) - Well, they can't all be different, right? At least I got another Jason. It couldn't be all sunshine and rainbows.

 5. Freddy (2/24) - Another firm winner. Freddy is looking great with his sweater, glove and fedora. If you look closely, you can see that his mouth has teeth. It's the little details that really make these so great.

6. Ash (2/24) - WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I don't really have the words to describe this. Other then...groovy.

I was a little scared at first. I'd have hated to take these home and open them up and find six Hannibals. I have very pleased with my picks and rest assured, I will be writing more about these mystery minis as I am so pleased with these. Besides, I didn't get a Sam or Ghostface. All of my nights will be sleepless until I have them. I will seek them out and collect them all.

I pray for a series two. Please, oh please let there be a series two.