Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Scream...You Scream...

One of the best things about Halloween is the sweets. But there are some that you won't get from trick or treating. Baskin-Robbins is a cultivator of the delicious flavor of the month and frequently have seasonal flavors. They are frequently delicious and when Halloween and ice cream collide, it is not to be missed.
For many years, there have been Halloween flavors, but regardless of how hard I tried, I couldn't find as many as I wanted to. But here are a few.
  • Transylvania Twist - From the delicious year of 1994, comes this less than delicious treat. Chocolate Ice Cream, Popcorn Ice Cream and Candy Corn...really? Popcorn Ice Cream? I mean...I suppose it sounds interesting, but why not just let the candy corn and chocolate complement each other? Since there is no way, currently, that I can travel back in time to try this one, I suppose I will never know exactly how this tasted. (But you can bet I will be having a chocolate ice cream candy corn sundae in the near future)
  • Skullicious - 1997 was seemingly a banner year for scary ice cream, as this and the next two flavors come from that year. Skullicious featured an orange-colored vanilla ice cream with chocolate skulls covered in chocolate ice cream. Doesn't seem like a winner in the flavor department, but I imagine this one looked amazing.
  • Eerie Scream - Based upon the brilliant show, Eerie, Indiana, this flavor was released around the same time the show was hitting it's revival, as the show was originally released in 1991. Taking green and purple-colored vanilla ice cream with a swirl of strawberry and white chocolate, strawberry filled skulls. Quite a lot to take in huh? I would have loved to have tried this one. It sounds quite tasty. Maybe it's the white chocolate, strawberry skulls? Who knows?
  • Trick-Oreo-Treat - Halloween Oreos are a staple of Halloween, so it's not hard to imagine an ice cream using them. Vanilla ice cream with Halloween Oreos, Baby Ruth and Butterfingers. Since this one is simple, I will have to try to replicate it. I wonder if it will taste as good as it's 14 year old counterpart? 
  • Candyman - From 2008, Candyman is made up of chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, caramel and orange cream swirls and what appear to be sprinkles. A rather delicious look and probably a delicious ice cream. Any one had this one and care to comment on its flavor?
I, sadly, didn't find anything past those. But in my travels, I did discover that Baskin-Robbins doesn't always have a Halloween specific flavor in October. SHAME ON YOU! Jamocha Almond Fudge and Caramel Chocolate Malt have nothing to do with Halloween!

But moving past that terribleness and onto more tastiness! Baskin-Robbins is also known for their cakes and Halloween has been playing at that for a while.
Since Casper came out in 1995, they have been in the business of Halloween cake (or "Polar Pizza") since then. If it goes further into the past, it's all a mystery. But they continue the tradition with just beautiful cakes as this one...
Now doesn't that look tasty? I know I like it and might get one (or whatever Baskin-Robbins is offering next month). I'm not sure of the flavor, but I would honestly be surprised if the answer to that question is pumpkin.

Hopefully Baskin-Robbins keeps Halloween alive with their cakes and resurrects the Halloween flavor of the month. I know I wouldn't mind a two scoop of the Trick-Oreo-Treat right about now. How about you?

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