Friday, October 7, 2011

Horror According To Dan

About a month ago, I had lunch with actor Dan Aykroyd. Without a doubt one of the greatest moments of my life. During the lunch, he and I had a conversation about horror films. Coming from someone like him, if he recommends a movie, you certainly can't go wrong. Here are a few of the titles we discussed in detail.
An American Werewolf in London - Dan called this film the sign of a true horror fan. With every reason to, as it's one of the best horror films of all time. I know it's in my Top 10 Horror Films of All Time. I'd highly recommend it.
The Bad Seed (1956) - A shocking film to be sure. Then again, aren't most films involving bad kids terrifying? This one actually comes out on Blu-ray next week. Certainly worth picking up.
The Uninvited (1944) - The first film to use ghosts as a real phenomenon as opposed to a comedic device. I was actually rather proud that I had just watched this a few weeks before, so I could discuss it. I don't believe that this is available on DVD in the US, but I know it's on VHS.
Blithe Spirit - More of a comedy than horror, Blithe Spirit was a film Dan had a lot to say about. I hadn't seen it at that point, but I have since. It's quite a good movie and great for a laugh.

Hopefully all of these films can find a spot in your monthly viewing. I know they are on mine.

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