Monday, July 8, 2013

A Tale of Darkness

The internet is a big place with billions of people using it. The sad thing about that is originality becomes so much more difficult. After watching some Are You Afraid of the Dark?, I got it in my head to do a piece about the ten creepiest characters from the show. I wrote most of the article, then started to search the net for my images. That's when I found this.

The 35 Creepiest ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark’ Characters

I read through the list on Buzzfeed and thought to myself "There are a lot of characters they missed! I'm just going to write my post anyway."

Then I found this...

The 50 Most Terrifying "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" Characters

In those 15 places, they added every character that was unique to my list.

It makes me rather sad, but those are the breaks of the internet. I'll try again tomorrow.

You win this round Buzzfeed...but I'll be the victor next time!

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