Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top 10 Horror Movie Sequels: Part II

Here is the follow up to Part I. This one features films that are sequels in name only or don't share the name or any characters from their predecessors.

1. Creepshow 2

Creepshow is one of the best horror anthology films out there. Its sequel is in that category as well. With George A. Romero and Stephen King returning, it was easy to like this one. Featuring three segments instead of five, it seemed like a collection of episodes from Tales from the Darkside or something like that. But the wraparounds, as for the original, add such a vibe to this movie that it's perfect.

If you wish to go further, do not watch Creepshow III. It's a sequel in name only, but even that is too much credit to give this film. If you want more, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie is really Creepshow 3.

2. Day of the Dead

Most people prefer Dawn of the Dead, but my favorite of the Night of the Living Dead sequels is Day of the Dead. I think it's a very poignant film about society, not to mention it's a great movie overall. What is most intriguing about the movie is that is takes place sometime into the zombie apocalypse, as we already saw that in the other films in the franchise. Not to mention the man vs. man element that is a key to a good Romero zombie movie.

3. Halloween III - Season of the Witch

Always and forever, this film will be disliked by horror fans who cannot forgive the fact that it is called Halloween. After the success of the first two films, John Carpenter had the great idea to turn Halloween into an anthology franchise by making a different film each year or so that takes place on Halloween. After the critical flop that was Halloween III, Michael Myers returned to the screen in Halloween 4.

I love the film. I think it's brilliant for everything that it is. If it was simply called Season of the Witch or anything else that wasn't Halloween, it would have fared so much better. It's extremely sad.

4. Pet Semetary Two

Did Pet Semetary need a sequel? Not even remotely. But as they say, sometimes dead ISN'T better. Pet Semetary Two takes place in the same town of Ludlow, Maine, use of the pet cemetery from the first film and various allusions to the Creed family make the sequel already feel familiar. It's a good place to start. If you liked the first movie, I recommend the sequel. It's worth a watch.

5. An American Werewolf in Paris

This is a film I more respect for coming out of nowhere, having only a sliver of reference to the original, but being a sequel nonetheless. The concept of An American Werewolf in London is so simply that is could easily be transplanted to a different location, different time period and with different characters.

The sad thing about this one is that, apparently, John Landis was going to be involved. Feels bad man...

6. Hello Mary Lou - Prom Night II

This is one of those films that was originally written as a standalone film, but was retitled to capitalize on the success of Prom Night, even though the first one had come out seven years prior. When you mix Carrie with A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2, you essentially get Prom Night II. It's a fun piece of 80's camp that you just can't help but love.
7. Final Destination 3

I am of the school that there are only three good Final Destination films. One, three and five. However, three is my personal favorite. From the roller coaster beginning to the various ways to die, Final Destination 3 was just so well done. Not to mention that ending, sheer perfection!

8. 28 Weeks Later

28 Days Later is an incredible film, so it the sequel. This takes place well after the first film, mostly, so you see what events unfold after the initial outbreak. Yet another example of a being from the military point of view, much like Day of the Dead. It's an interesting film overall, but I do wish there would be another sequel to wrap it up as a trilogy.

9. Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest

The concept of Children of the Corn will always work, because children are scary. The first sequel in the franchise was shit. I can't find a better word, because it was pure shit. The third film, however, was interesting. By taking the children out of Gatlin and Nebraska in general, you can see just how large the control of He Who Walks Behind The Rows is. Not to mention actually seeing He Who Walks Behind The Rows is a massive plus.

10. American Psycho 2

The third case of a movie needing to be called something else. American Psycho 2 was never intended to be a sequel to American Psycho, until the film did so well that Lionsgate decided to not make a sequel would be ludicrous. The film was originally called "The Girl Who Wouldn't Die", but I like the title "All-American Girl" better. Back when movies like SwimFan were dominating in the box office, there really was a market for teen girl psychopath films, this just missed the mark by being called American Psycho 2. What a shame, as hearing Shatner say "Don't fuck with me." is probably the best line of his career.

Hopefully you will give these a chance, as they are the underdogs of sequels. The ones you wouldn't bet on, but the ones you would watch if they came on cable when you have nothing better to do. But I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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