Thursday, July 17, 2014

First Look - Goosebumps: The Movie

For years and years, Sony has been trying to create a movie based on the extremely popular children's book series, Goosebumps. As a massive fan of the series and the TV show that it spawned, I couldn't be happier that it has gone before the cameras.

One of the best ideas that the studio could have had is to base the feature not on any books, but on an original idea based around the world of Goosebumps and its creator.

The best part about the film is that one of the greatest actors of all-time, Jack Black, is playing the role of R.L. Stine. Now, the two don't look all...but that doesn't stop it from being extremely great casting. Today, the first photos from the film have been released. Check them out below.

In addition to Black, Dylan Minnette and Odeya Rush are featured as well. Minnette is no stranger to the works of Stine, having starred in two different episodes of The Haunting Hour.

The story of the film follows a young man who moves to a new town and befriends the beautiful girl next door, who just who happens to be the daughter of the famous writer, R.L. Stine. After unknowingly releasing the monsters that Stine contained in his books, it is up to the group to save the town and contain the monsters.

Combining a small town, real monsters, and young protagonists are key trademarks of the Goosebumps franchise. Not to mention the comparisons that will be drawn to Wes Craven's New Nightmare or John Carpenter's In The Mouth of Madness. Even if this film is awful, I will love and cherish it forever.

Just thinking that the book series has been adapted into a film and that the film is most likely cause a book version of the film to be written is almost too meta for me to handle. If R.L. Stine himself adapts it...the world just might implode on itself.

I will be writing more on the subject as the movie progresses. Should be very exciting!

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