Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cryptid Corner: Honey Island Swamp Monster

In almost every single corner of the world, there is a story of a hominid creature (i.e. Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie, etc.). But some are a little more interesting than others.

In Louisiana's Honey Island Swamp, there is a legend of a creature that inhabits the swamp. The creature goes by different names including; Letiche, who was believed by the Native American's to be a child raised by alligators, and the Cajun Loup Carou, which sort of means werewolf. One of the other stories behind the creature is that a train wreak in the area released numerous monkeys who began to mate with the alligators in the area. Either way, this creature seems to have been haunting the swamp for hundreds of years, in some form or another.

In 1963, a man named Harlan Ford claimed to have seen the creature. Eleven years later, Ford claimed to have found footprints and a wild boar that seemed to have been killed. When he died six years later, a tape was found amongst his belongings that allegedly showed the creature. Ford's encounter with the creature is the most well known and it generally the basis for the modern legend of the creature, much like Patterson and Gimlin for Bigfoot.

To this day, many people go in search of the monster, but no one since Ford has been lucky (or unlucky) enough to get footage of the creature. We may never know what really lives in Honey Island Swamp.

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