Wednesday, September 12, 2012

'Tis The Season

When you wait for something for an entire year, it can either reward you or make you cringe and cry tears of self loathing. Thankfully, that has not been me this year. After the disappointment that was Halloween 2011, I can say that Halloween 2012 is shaping up to be everything I had hoped it would be.

Let's give a brief update here. Almost all of the stores in my area have Halloween stuff up. Target and Wal-Mart are still being a little bit sluggish with most of their locations, but a few have put up their displays and I am quite
pleased with what I have seen (But not so much that I will be broke come October 1st).

The key causes for excitement right now for me is all the Halloween food. Namely, Oreos. If you have yet to see them, Target has begun carrying Candy Corn Oreos. And yes folks, they taste like candy corn if it decided to be squashed between two cookies. There are also various candies and treats out there to discover, so be sure to do so very soon.

I am still not on the internet yet, thus my this post is small and pictureless. I promise to post a few better more enticing articles soon. Just keep checking back!