Friday, September 9, 2011

K-Mart is Totally Ghoul

Totally Ghoul is K-Mart's very clever slogan for this Halloween. There aren't many K-Mart's in my general area, which is sad because their online section beats Target's by a mile. I found quite a few goodies that I want to share with you.
This little guy looks like he could be hanging around with Sam from Trick 'r Treat. The cat looks a little bit off (or is it a dog?), but who would really be buying this for the cat (dog) anyway?

Really not as cute as the Jason one, but I like them just the same. Get a little white, black and flesh colored paint and you can fix that Michael Myers right up!
This is another Halloween classic, Marcus the Carcass. I've always enjoyed this one and the variations it tends to have.
It would take a pretty big spider to do something like this, but just having the body is even more terrifying.
It's musical. It lights up. It's rather straight to the point. Tombstone...done.

M&Ms generally get more of an association with Christmas than they do Halloween, but these are fantastic little door greeters. Is it just me or is the Green one just plain skanky looking?
It might not be The Great Pumpkin, but with a look of "Really Charlie Brown? A Dog Costume?" you can't go wrong with this light up Snoopy.

K-Mart seems to have cornered the market on different looking pumpkins from the standard orange smiley pumpkin to the vampiric black pumpkin. I rather approve, good work K-Mart.
This last item might be my favorite. Now, I have no idea what noises it makes but I want to believe they are evil tree noises and tree laughter...not just windy and lighting and wolves and all that standard crap.

You have won my heart today K-Mart. I might just have to drive over to you and raid your Halloween section.

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