Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Unseen X-Files

One of my favorite television shows is The X-Files. Airing in 1993 on the Fox network, it lasted 9 seasons, 2 films and more. While I haven't been there since the beginning (I was a mere boy, 2 years of age), I have been a fanatic for years. We are called X-Philes, but I'd prefer to just be called almost anything else. During its 9 year run, The X-Files became a global phenomenon and has been a staple of the sci-fi community.

However, there are a few cases Mulder and Scully never got to solve. Here is a list of some ideas for episodes that never happened that I find interesting.

1. Abraham Lincoln's Ghost

During the fourth season, there was going to be an episode about Mulder and Scully investigating the ghost of Abraham Lincoln haunting The White House. If you are a lover of the paranormal at all, you no doubt know a little bit about Lincoln's ghost. If not, I urge you to do a little digging. It's pretty interesting.

I love the concept of this episode, but there is no way that it could have worked. The government was trying to stop The X-Files every chance it got, there was no way that Mulder would get a call saying "Hello Agent Mulder, yes, Mr. Clinton wants you to come investigate a haunting in The White House. It seems Abraham Lincoln wants to be president again."

2. Unsolved Mysteries

A cross over between The X-Files and Unsolved still my heart!

If you've seen Season 7 episodes X-Cops and Hollywood A.D., this sounds like a precursor to those. Featuring Robert Stalk with other actors portraying Mulder and Scully solving a case, this could have been an incredible episode, but sadly, one that never got too far past concept.

3. Night of the Living Dead

Coming from the driving forces behind Creepshow, Stephen King and George A. Romero were on board to write and direct this episode, respectively. While Mulder and Scully are no stranger to fighting others while trying to fight a monster, this could have been one of the best episodes of the series ever.

I don't know what happened where or who didn't want to push forward, but either way, it's a tragedy.

4. The Abduction of Agent Fox Mulder

If David Duchovny wants to do something, you let him do it. You don't ask questions, you just say yes.

Apparently, Duchovny wanted to do an episode in Season 8, written and directed by him, discussing Mulder's abduction in great detail. But Chris Carter told him no...why? Because Robert Patrick's character wasn't involved.

I'm sorry, but where was Doggett during I Want To Believe? Did you ever bother to finish any of his story arcs? No? Then why not let Duchovny have one shining moment in Season 8. We all wanted more Mulder, maybe if you gave that to us we wouldn't have disliked Doggett so much!

5. The Song of the Sun

I won't be able to convey this nearly as well as Wikipedia does, so here is a direct lift from there.

"Law & Order cameraman D.W. Paone, a fan of the series from its first broadcast, wrote and submitted a freelance script during its early seasons, co-written with author Frank Scoblete. Paone and Scoblete's script dealt with the ancient astronaut theory, and was concerned with the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, who they supposed was an alien who returned to Earth once again in the year 1995. Paone had chosen to focus on Akhenaton due to his own interest in Egyptology, and was confident that Scoblete's dialogue was true to the series' characters. Although they were able to submit the script due to an acquaintance with producer Daniel Sackheim, it was later refused after being read by several producers and writers, including John Shiban, and deemed to be too expensive to produce on an episodic television budget."

That sounds incredibly interesting to me. Now, this would have had to have been during the second or third season, which makes it understandable that it might be too costly at the time. I think if they are looking for something to add to the Season 10 comic series, I'm game for this one.

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