Monday, February 9, 2015

Michael Myers is Back...Again...

This is Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. Over the past few years, they have been the writers for; the last four Saw films, the Feast franchise, The Collector movies, the Hellraiser remake, a remake of The Tingler, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and many more. They are well known enough in the horror world, but they have just been hired to pen the next installment in the Halloween franchise...a daunting task if ever there was one.

The first film in the Halloween franchise was released in 1978 and the last film in 2009. For almost six years, rumors have been flying around as to what the next film will be about. Rumors of Tom Atkins returning to the franchise were discussed and Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer, who were behind the remake of My Bloody Valentine, were sloted to make a film called Halloween 3D, which seemed to continue Rob Zombie's remake series.

At this point, however, all bets are off. According to a source, the film is being called a "recalibration". What that means is extremely open for interpretation. While some enjoyed Rob Zombie's remake series, many fans did not. Personally, I wasn't impressed. I saw both in theaters and they were just awful. But I will agree that the series needs recalibrating. There are too many timelines to deal with and too many gaps in logic for the series to continue as it is. This does leave open a few ideas. Here are the ones I think might happen.

Idea #1 - Continue with Halloween 9

This one is pretty risky, but not unheard of. The most recent Texas Chainsaw film was a sequel to the original. This would be a sequel to Resurrection, the last in the original timeline. At the end, Michael was taken to the morgue and he wakes up, that's not an awful place to start. But we are thirteen years and two films removed from Resurrection. It would have to be an amazing story in order for things to work out.

Idea #2 - Continue with Halloween III

There has never been a third Halloween film with Michael Myers (Not a TV commercial doesn't really count). While Rob Zombie's films leave off with Michael and Loomis seemingly very dead and Laurie completely insane in a mental hospital, that also isn't a bad place to start. This was the idea where Tom Atkins would play a doctor at the hospital. Maybe Laurie would be the new Michael and in her crazy warped reality, she sees Michael kill all the people, but she is really the one doing it. It could be fun or it could be awful.

Idea #3 - Michael is "The Boogeyman"

This seems like the idea that will most likely happen. The town of Haddonfield is past all the horror, but the story of Michael Myers still continues. He is used by parents to scare their kids into behaving. If you don't eat your vegetables, Michael Myers will come and get you. That kind of thing. But maybe it gets taken a little too far by some of the local teenagers, who on Halloween night go out and start killing people dressed as Michael. But in the last minutes, Michael returns and kills the copycats. Thus, you can continue with Michael as the honest killer.

There are more, but I think it will be something close to one of these three. We might see a revival of the Cult of Thorn storyline, who really knows? There is no concrete date planned for the film, but with only eight months left until Halloween, we most likely won't be seeing it this year. I, personally, am looking forward to the next film. Good, bad, or otherwise, it will be nice to have Michael Myers back.

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