Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cryptid Corner: Lake Worth Monster

For most of us, there is a monster living right in our own backyards. One of mine growing up was the Lake Worth Monster. Believed to be a half-man, half-goat creature, much like the Pope Lick Monster. Some called it a goat-fish monster while one little boy thought it was a monster from space. Whatever it is, something is living at Lake Worth.

The Lake Worth Monster was first seen in July of 1969 by quite a few different people. One particular incident of a couple who were "parked" at Lake Worth prompted a story from the local paper. Apparently, the creature tried to take one of the women. Tommy Burson later reported that a creature had jumped on his car and left a scratch about two and a half feet long on the side of it. Police actually started to look into this one after the report.

The most famous encounter with the creature occurred on July 10th of 1969, when the creature hurled a tire at people visiting the lake. This encounter was witness by several different people, including members of the police force. It was claimed that the monster threw the tires over 500 feet, which is pretty impressive. During this event, a picture was taken. It shows the creature as hairy and white all over.

This is the actual photo...

I kid, of course. Here is the real photo.

Not too far off from a Bumble, though.

Since 1969, there are reports of the creature, but nothing nearly as concrete or exciting as all those years ago. Mainly of people hearing his mournful calls in the night. Maybe it's calling out to someone or maybe it's just making sure you know that it's still there.

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