Sunday, November 19, 2017

Up All Night IV - The Bedroom Window

The worst part about a window is that you might never know what's on the other side of it. As a child, I never really had a fear of windows themselves. But I was always afraid of what or who might be on the other side, in the darkness, looking in.

Now, I had read a story about the Croglin Grange Vampire in a book. Which book,I can't recall, but the story stuck with me. Particularly the part where the vampire runs his fingernails along the glass and it made a horrifying scratching noise. I was always a little iffy about what might be outside my window after that.

It wasn't until I moved into a house in California that I started to honestly think about windows. While that house was creepy and certainly haunted (Another story for another time), it was the window in my bedroom that scared me. 

This house was the first one where I recall my bedroom window facing the front of the house. As a result of that, I was always wondering what could be on the other side. I was never afraid of what might be in the backyard, but anything could have been in the frontyard.

During the day, it wasn't a problem at all, but at night it was scary. Always that thought in the back of your mind that something is looking in at you without your knowledge. I never really assigned an image to the thing in the darkness, though. I think that lack of definition probably made it worse.

Now, as far as I know, it never happened. Nothing and no one ever peaked through the blinds in the witching hour. But there will always be that lingering question in the back of my head as to if it did. It's enough to send a chill down your spine. 

Needless to say, all my windows have blinds now...just to put my mind at little bit at ease.

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