Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's finally here folks! The day we have all been waiting for. As a pumpkin pie cools on the rack and my quarts of Trick Oreo Treat are keeping cold in my freezer, I feel I am ready for the events of the day. What happens, could be a mystery, but I know that I today will be a great day for all. Hopefully it involves carving pumpkins, watching movies on VHS and munching on assorted types of candy.

Hopefully I haven't let you down over the course of these two months. If I have, I am sorry for this. Need to get some day of laughs/enjoyment, I strongly urge you to check out X-Entertainment and I-Mockery. Two of my favorite websites of all time.

Stick around...I have a few more posts that I will post today, then a wrap up of things tomorrow.

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