Monday, October 31, 2011

Macabre Melodies

There are far more than 10 songs that are spooky, so here are a few more that you can hopefully add to your playlist for tonight!

Halloween (She Get So Mean) by Rob Zombie - Rob Zombie has every right to sing about Halloween, but I think that is where the line should be drawn (Sorry if you liked his remake of Halloween...). It's catchy and delightful and you can catch me humming it sometimes.

Low Red Moon by Belly - I won't lie...don't exactly know the whole meaning behind this song, but I absolutely love it. Then again...any song about the moon is one I enjoy listening to. It's got a very spooky melody to it. A must listen.

Laurie (Strange Things Happen) by Dickey Lee - As I stated in my blog about Are You Afraid of the Dark?, I love stories about hitchhiking ghosts like Resurrection Mary. This whole song is similar to the urban legend and it is kind of spooky to listen to.

Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo - A perfect '80s Halloween song. You really can't go wrong with it. It's catchy, upbeat and all around fun to listen to. I would dance to this at a Halloween party...or at least attempt to dance...

Everyday is Halloween by Ministry - A song all about me. Haha. But really...don't you wish that everyday would be like Halloween? I know I do. this song is stuck in my head...

Any songs you think should be on my playlist?

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