Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Babysitter's A Vampire!

Canada. The motherland of all scary Children's TV shows. They have given us some of the greats, which include Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark?. You might mock them, but if you love those shows, you love Canada.

In 2010, My Babysitter's A Vampire aired on TV as a Halloween special. One that I was quite a fan of. In the days where Disney isn't making Original Movies anymore (And they ones they do make include random songs from their catalog of "stars"), this was a breath of fresh air.

My Babysitter's A Vampire centers around the characters of Ethan and Benny as they come to figure out that their town is infested with a vampire menace that they must put a stop to. That's a very vague description, but you should be able to get a sense of how great it is. Mocking the fans of Twilight, but in a more Buffy way then a Vampires Suck way.

In 2011, a TV series based on the movie was released. The show took a "Monster of the Week" approach and became a spiritual successor to Buffy in quite a few ways. Put in a dash of The X-Files and Goosebumps, then you get the picture. Dealing with everything from zombies, werewolves, evil trees and ghosts; there isn't much they don't tackle.

Season Two sees the group take on a living car (Right out of Christine), mutant alligators and sirens. The key thing about this season is character advancement that culminates in the season finale, where we are left on an incredible cliffhanger.

As of right now, the movie and the first two seasons are now on Netflix and to buy on iTunes. The first season and movie are out on DVD in the US. Or, if you are like me and have a region free DVD player, the movie and first two seasons can be imported from Being that it's October, now is the perfect time to sink your teeth into this show.

Yeah...I'm surprised it took me that long to make a pun too.

The saddening thing about all of this is that Fresh TV, one of the makers of the show, released that it won't continue. Now, I find that unacceptable. The characters are left on the worst cliffhanger possible. A show can not and should not end this way. But, I sincerely hope, that they will at least give up a bit of closure with another movie or something along those lines.

Now that you know how great it sounds, go give it a watch! You won't regret it!

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